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Well, we believe that everything in your home deserves the same full life that you do. (We're talking yoga practice, side hustle, the whole shebang.) 

And we believe that everything you bring into your home should reflect who you are. (I mean... conscious, practical, and most importantly, uniquely gorge.)

We're working to build the best assortment of second hand furniture and resale furniture, home décor, and home goods on the whole wide web. Buy and sell used furniture - or bring new life to what you already have. 

Not sure about second hand furniture? Well, refurnishr is committed exclusively to top brands, well considered pieces, and items whose condition show serious pride of ownership. Everything we sell has been assessed for style, condition, and quality. (Forget scouring Kijiji for something that's actually in good shape - we've gotcha.)

And, if you're looking for a partner to renew your existing furnishings, our network of carefully vetted experts are on board to help you maintain what you have, make the old new again, and teach you a few tricks along the way.

But we need your help with gathering some key intel as we build this beautiful baby. There will be lots more questions... but hey - this isn't entirely about us...

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