Take ten: Yoga poses you can do in your WFH coffee break

Working from home is quite lush, isn’t it? No time wasted in traffic, setting up your desk exactly how you want it, sitting in your own comfy chair and doing your bit during a global crisis. 

Chances are that you’re sitting down much longer than you normally would. Working from home setups can be grand, but you’re not rushing to get the bus, around the corner for a quick cuppa or up the stairs to get the steps in. So if you thought you’re feeling a little tight, you’re right. 

Since this work from home thing is likely to be part of the new normal for a while yet, it’s probably worth forming a few new habits to stay balanced.

You’ve heard this one before, we know. But exercise is vital to our well-being. You don’t have to recreate the scene from Rocky every day (unless that’s your vibe). And you don’t have to chastise yourself if your fitness tracker doesn’t bestow a celebratory ping on you every day.

Changing a few small things can make a huge difference. Even if you’ve got your WFH desk set-up to include a daily dose of “standing and working”, your muscles and mind will thank you for a bit twisting and turning.

Yoga can be pretty damn intimidating. When you realise that, despite being vertically challenged, you cannot bend over and touch your toes… yikes.

But you don’t have complete a whole sequence of moves and perfect breathing to benefit from this ancient practice.

Got ten extra minutes during your coffee break? Pick a pose or two and ground yourself. As with all exercises, though, consult a medical professional if you have any underlying conditions.

For some inspiration to get you started, we’ve put together a few basic bits below. Level up by checking out the Down Dog YouTube channel for step-by-step guides for a wide range of yoga poses.

Take ten: Yoga inspo for your WFH coffee break

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