Practical WFH desk set ups for your new normal

Desk envy is a thing. Despite being repeatedly told that lusting after somebody else’s life is bad for us, time spent on apps in the midst of the global pandemic has gone up, according to a study by App Annie. Some of that would have been with setting up access to look up each other’s nostrils, but that flat lay life is just so aesthetically pleasing.

For OG remote workers who’ve spent their careers explaining that working from home isn’t all PJ bottoms and bra-free meetings, normal isn’t that new. Those new to the club might have had a rude awakening – and we don’t mean by the kids who haven’t gone back to school.

While beautiful home office desks with feature walls, lush indoor plants and perfectly matched ortho-chairs look pretty – there wasn’t much time to prepare our desks for a glossy magazine photo shoot. Or even Instagram envy.

Convenient as buying furniture online is, that’s not been a practical option.

Don’t do it in the bedroom

Even if you live in a studio apartment, separating work and play when you are being encouraged to not leave the house will save your sanity.

work from home tips desk set up 

No need to go all-out by crafting a room divider from an old door (but if you want to, we’re not going to stop you). Simply sitting at a desk (or the kitchen table if you don’t have other options) and having a designated work spot can make all the difference.

Ditto for getting dressed. No need to rock the power suit, but don't be tempted to sit in your PJs all day. If you really want to, at least have a shower and put on some work PJs to keep the boundaries in place, blurry as they might be. 

Upcycle furniture

A chair can be a table and a crate can be a chair or a bookshelf. When we say upcycle your furniture, we don’t mean reupholster a second-hand chair on an afternoon (you can do that, too).

work from home upcycle furniture

But this is your chance to be different. Spring is coming, so while you’re busy with the clear out, get cracking on some crafty ideas.

Need ideas? We’re so glad you asked.

You can turn an old cereal box into a paper holder.

Or punish those Lego blocks for all the assaults on your bare feet by using them as a super simple storage solution.

Repurpose tins or mason jars to clear desk clutter. Nothing like a bit of arts and crafts to distract small humans for a few hours. Bonus points if you label them according to whatever stuff belongs in them.

desk storage work from home

Any old boxes can be used as dividers or organisers. If you don’t like it, put a lid on it. Out of sight, out of mind – until you need it, that is. If tidying isn’t your thing, fake it till you make it.


Social media distancing

work from home tips set up

Not technically a desk set-up tip, but switching off from the barrage of the void is not only good for productivity, but your mental health, too. Keep your phone off your desk or in a box under the desk, to curb temptation.   

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