Ultimate upcycle: Reupholster old chairs with old linen

There are few décor pieces as versatile as the humble scatter cushion. This squishy nugget was leading the upcycle revolution before we even knew it was a thing.

Upcycle Your Chair With Old Linen

Want to add a pop of colour to a dull room? Scatter cushion. Need a statement centre piece to break up straight lines? Two scatter cushions with patterned covers. Need something to cuddle or hug because of social distancing? Five scatter cushions.

You get the idea.

Scatter Cushions Hide Flaws on Used Furniture

Scatter cushions can also be useful for covering up worm out threats on your favourite chair, especially if that chair has been getting an extra workout because you’ve spent a little more time at home.

But even the humble scatter cushion has limits. They’re nifty short-term solution for adding some comfort support if you’re in a pinch, but they’re commitment-phobes and don’t like staying put. Unsurprising considering their purpose is defined in their name.

if your favourite chair is looking worse for wear and is having a frayed relationship with every scatter cushion in the vicinity, it might be time to upcycle.

Don’t fret, nobody is going up a hill and nobody is getting on a cycle.

Upcycle Your Chair With Linens - For Real

If you’re not acquainted with the term, to upcycle furniture simply means to give it a little makeover. Nothing dramatic. Think of it like the first visit to the hairdresser or barber post-isolation.

Except, you probably don’t need to leave the house. You probably already have everything you need to upcycle old furniture right in your cupboard and you can even get a DIY face mask pattern cut from the deal.

Upcycle Old Chairs: Reupholster Them

First things first: not all chairs are created equal, so to upcycle an old chair can range from “Call me Martha” to “I’m not Geppetto” and somewhere in-between. Rest assured that there are very few things an arsenal of a good staple and glue gun can’t fix. If those fail, there’s always the scatter cushion.

Find Old Linens to Upcycle Second Hand Furniture

Before you start anything, make sure you take a picture of the chair in its current state, you might need the visual reference later.

But we want to take this project from “I use a bamboo straw”  to “And I Stand for Greta Thunberg” level. Instead of buying new fabric to upcycle your old chair, it’s time to dig through that old linen cupboard and find the sheets or curtains you forgot you owned.

Cut the DIY facemask pattern from the leftovers and use the larger chunks to reupholster your sad chair.

And if you want to overachieve, you can even have a go at making some new slipcovers for that humble scatter cushion.

There are many tutorials showing you how to reupholster an old chair, but we’ve done a bit of digging and picked this helpful one.

How to Reupholster an Old Chair for Beginners


If, after all of that, you still aspire to peak eco queen, use the left-over linen to whip up a quick DIY facemask with this pattern that doesn’t require a fancy sewing machine.

Or switch to Netflix and chill. No judgies.

No Sewing Machine Needed: DIY Facemask Pattern

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