Five easy warm season vegetables to grow in containers

Get your grow on. Use old furniture as pots if you haven’t got acres of space and live off the land (or containers) with this backyard inspo for super simple summer veggies to grow. 

When the days begin to lengthen and the sun comes out of its winter slumber it’s time to get your grow on to feed the family.

No garden? No problem. You can recycle or repurpose any old containers to start growing your own, just don’t forget to drill a few drainage holes in the bottom and away you go.

You don’t even have to use containers. There’s plenty of backyard inspo to get you going if you just look. Upcycle furniture like old crates or bins – even old boots are fair game when it comes to gardening. 


easy summer veggies to grow in containers for your backyard inspo

A favourite summer crop of gardeners the world over, you can grow all sorts of varieties from seed or with young plants from your local nursery.

Use the sunniest spot of your yard, balcony or windowsill for your container, make sure the drainage is good and water regularly.

You should see rapid green growth before those little yellow flowers turn into ripe, red fruit. 


Those great big, traffic light-coloured bell peppers in the supermarket? You can grow them in whatever space you have at home - and save on the plastic packaging while you’re at it.

Pop your seeds or seedlings into free draining soil with some compost added and keep them well watered in the sunniest area you have.

Pick them green and early or leave them to turn through the shades to red. 

Chilli Peppers

easy summer veggies to grow in containers for your backyard inspo

Not just a band you used to listen to. You know, that one who did that album cover with the socks on…errr. Remember? If you don't know what we're on about, it might be best to do a little Google search. 

From the same family as the bell peppers above, the possibilities are endless with their feisty, fiery cousins.

You can get creative by growing multiple varieties in a sunny spot with cayenne, jalapeno and habanero among the favourites.

You can even keep them in smaller pots on a windowsill if you’re looking for something a little more decorative. 


Something cooling to take the edge off the chilli heat, right? Make sure you leave plenty of space between your seeds or seedlings, as well as access to plenty of water and sunshine - being sure to plant out only after the last frost has passed.

Another top tip: you can train your cucumber plants to grow up a wall or trellis if you want to make the most of your vertical space at home. 

Green beans

easy summer veggies to grow in containers for your backyard inspo

The healthy options just keep coming. Again wait for the last frost to pass and make sure you create the richest soil you can with plenty of compost.

Keep the soil nice and moist, particularly in the first steps of growth, allowing your beans to start producing in no time at all.

Gardening is surprisingly forgiving. Besides, you want something to look at when you’re showing off your refurniture collection on Instagram, right?

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