What you’ll love about installing a smart home system

If you are asked what a safe home means to you, how would you answer it? 

Did you instantly think of a steel gate in front of your home’s yard, or do you ponder on the push-button security panel from your old home that is now rusted? 

Do you even know what a smart home is? Top tip: It is not a home that is going to Harvard. 

Time to let go of these ancient things, send them to the museum to be used as second-hand furniture relics of an era long gone.

Because of innovations in technology, home security and general household management has improved dramatically. You know the kind of stuff that we used to see in movies and thought: “that’d never happen!”.

Well, they have happened. Most of the time, it is for the better. For home security and general household management, it is definitely for the better. Add in saving you time and fuss and keeping you on the eco-conscious path and you might start considering these systems a bit more seriously. 

These smart home systems will not be enrolling at college or university, but they will make your life a lot easier – and make you feel a little bit safer.

If you’re taking on a renovation project and you’re looking to blend your rustic second-hand furniture with mod cons on the security front, you might be wondering whether it’s worth all the effort and costs.

Does anyone really need to just shout voice commands into the air and trust that it’s not going to be intercepted? Is a mobile phone really the best way to control your gate? If technology is your thing – then the answer is yes. 

But what are the advantages to these smart home security systems?

In case you’re planning to have your home redesigned and be incorporated with smart security features, or you just want to know more about the things that a smart home can offer, let’s break it down. 

Easy to control

No, we don’t mean planting a microchip into people – although, we’ve heard that is a thing, too.

If you’ve been paying attention in class so far, you’ll know that, one of a smart home’s security features is having full control over your home just by using your smartphone. 

A smart home comes with a smartphone app to let you handle security issues even when you are far away from home. For instance, if someone rings your doorbell, a certain special camera installed in your doorbell will send a picture of your visitor straight to your smartphone. 

A little bit weird? Maybe. But far more convenient than having to get up to go to the video intercom – especially if you’ve got better things to do.   

Improving security 

Wireless technology gets rid of dodgy cables that can potentially be compromised. We’re not saying there aren’t risks, but wired security systems can be problematic if a crafty crook cuts the cable.

What, we hear you ask, happens when the power goes out? Surely my old school gate for which I use the ancient security system known as a standard lock and key is a better option? Well, not always. 

Because of the improvement in security and technology, developers have learned a lot. The vulnerability of past systems in terms of connections have been noted and updated. Most of modern smart home security systems even keep going when the power goes out thanks to back up power bars. 

These systems can operate independently, and it is currently one of the strengths of present smart home security features.

Real-time updates 

You think all your smartphone app does is hand over the control to you? That’s not all that there is to it, because your app is also updated with who enters or leaves your home or if a simple appliance in the house is left open after use. 

Remember what we said about control? Yeah, this is some next-level stuff. But also tremendously useful, especially if you are familiar with the panic of wondering whether you locked the door or not. 

With a smart home, you no longer need to be worried about whether you left your door open after rushing to work because your smartphone app is there to remind you that. Additionally, your smart home will be smart enough to let you close it with just a tap on your phone.

No, seriously. 

Prepared for the worst

Oooh, dramatic? We love a bit of drama. Cue the dramatic music, please. 

Probably one of the best features of a smart home is its active effort in providing a safe place for those who live in the house. A smart home is trained to quickly respond to emergencies such as kitchen fires or even floods caused by leaking pipes. 

In case of such emergencies, a smart home will automatically activate other smart features such as smart smoke alarms, smart thermostats, and smart lights. If you need to evacuate the house, it will give you more time to prepare and leave by delaying the worsening of the emergency, at the very least.

Living at ease

A smart home may sound a bit extra and expensive. 

But if you budget smartly and decorate sensibly by opting for timeless and well-cared for second-hand furniture pieces, this is the perfect blend of modern tech with homely style. 

Besides, a smart home can help you live your best eco-conscious life, too by turning heating or aircons on and off according to settings. 

Automating such niggly bits means you’ll have more time to get stuck into your backyard inspo and maybe finally taking on that project of laying your own flagstone paving walkway.

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