Tips to renovate on the cheap – and get a workout while doing it

Times are tough right now. But that doesn’t mean your home has to look tough as old boots. While the world is going through the most, there are ways to give your house a little bit of renovation love on the cheap.

We’ve told you all about reupholstering chairs and upcycling things for your backyard inspo. We’ve even shown you how to pave your own flagstone walkway. But let’s take things a bit further. If you want to get serious and add some spice to your decorating life – and get your glutes going while you do it – you’re in the right place. No, seriously. Stick with us, we’re saving the best for last.

Renovate on the cheap: Shop the yard sales… or second hand

It’s a no brainer, right? Spring is usually the best time to for yard sales with all that Spring cleaning going on. But add to that the whole, you know, global pandemic and people spending more time at home thing and you might be surprised what you find.

Hey, you’re on this very website, aren’t you? Shopping for second-hand furniture from the comfort of your (second hand) couch has never been easier.

You've heard the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" This can be your opportunity for treasure hunting.

How many times while shopping have you stepped into an expensive boutique or gallery, just to window shop, and while browsing spotted the ‘perfect' oversized vase for your floor, or a really odd sculpture or ironwork that would be just right for your living room?

Yard sales (when allowed) are packed with these things.

The Joneses re-decorate every few years, so they put perfectly good (and pricey) stuff out for sale. The internet has completely changed the way we shop for second-hand furniture – so it’s obviously where you need to start.

Completely free: Move some furniture

Seriously. This is kind of a workout, too (provided you are the person that’s doing it, obviously).

Moving some furniture around can not only can you change the look of your home, but you can even change the actual rooms themselves. Ooh, yes – here comes the dramatic music.

You’ve probably done this already without even knowing. That spare bedroom you’ve had? Have you turned it into a playroom or, more in keeping with the times, your new work from home office?

 If you have a family room and a living room that are approximately the same size but in opposite areas of your home… you could literally do a house flip by turning things around.  

You would be amazed at the difference this can make in livening up a house that’s feeling a little bit stale if you’ve spent an entire lockdown sitting around in it.

And besides, moving stuff around is a great opportunity to declutter and maybe even sell your own second-hand furniture online.

Catch you outside

Decorating isn’t just for indoors. You’ve heard of curb appeal, right? No, that’s not somebody who is taking extra special care to help fight off a global pandemic. It’s the fancy work real estate agents use for the first impression of your house.

You don’t have to spend a fortune landscaping and planting stuff.  Yes, yes, that flagstone walkway can be done by yourself (another workout, yay!).

Rather than having a master plan scoped out by a professional, get creative and think of what colours and types of plants you enjoy looking at and what will grow well in your environment.

We’ve even been putting together these backyard inspo growing guides for you – so no excuses. Add some decorative stones (or the leftover paving stones) and it’ll be like moving into a new place.


This process will not be cost-free but will be significantly less money to do it yourself than to hire a landscaper.

 You can think of the colours you like most, and start with plants in those colour schemes. Consider whether you like low-lying plants, or whether you may need to shade certain areas of your property.

Stones can be relatively inexpensive (sometimes even free) depending on where you get them and what type they are. But they really can make a garden pop. 

And finally, drum roll, please.

Workout while you renovate: Painting

Not quite free, but cheap and gin-earning for sure, because we present to you: the painting and decorating work out.  

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for brightening up a room, or change it completely.  But hiring a decorator can be expensive. So why not do it yourself?

Oh, don’t be scared. Have you heard of the internet? What’s the worst that could happen provided you take care to cover up your furniture and floors?

Once you’ve kitted yourself out with the gear you need for painting and you’re ready to get going, get a little bit extra from your renovation mission by using the motion as a way to do pistol squats. Great for your core, glutes and balance.

 workout while you paint

 Pistol painting squats a bit too advanced for you? Opt for the standard squats instead. Painting can be a real workout in itself, especially for the upper body, but adding these basic exercises to each coat of paint you do will really boost the calories you burn while redecorating. Just stay off the juice until you’ve finished your work out, ok?

suqat paint redecorate workout
Whether indoors or out, you don't have to break the bank to have a beautiful home. Just make sure you don't break your back while doing the paint workout either. 

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